The Need for Camphor Cutting Boards in Sydney

Food hygiene chopping boards are of much demand in Australia. This is largely to stop harmful diseases from spreading through food. The most common antibacterial chopping board is made using camphor laurel timber supplies.

Camphor laurel chopping boards in Sydney are preferred in both domestic and hospitality settings. This isn’t just because this camphor cutting board in Sydney is loaded with health, owing to the antiseptic and antibacterial properties of camphor laurel timber. Camphor wood cutting boards are also charming due to the wooden hues and the natural patterns. Moreover, these can be customised to suit your kitchen requirements. One of the major producers of a personalised cutting board is Orana Timbers.

Orana Timbers’ customised chopping board in Australia helps brands increase their presence. Therefore, these are used in hotels, by catering companies, in restaurants, at corporate events,weddings and a lot more. Not just this, these large wooden chopping boards are also the perfect gift for your loved ones. Our cutting boards online provide functionality as well as elegance.

Why Choose Our Personalised Cutting Board?

There are many companies producing a personalised cutting board made up of camphor laurel supplies. However, very few excel at camphor cutting boards in Sydney quite like Orana Timbers. This is mainly because our food hygiene chopping board provides a number of unique properties, unlike the others.

Some of these are:

  • Antibacterial and antiseptic properties
  • Jointless boards
  • Choice of patterns, hues, sizes, shapes and more
  • 100% Australian made
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable chopping boards in Sydney
  • Versatile cutting boards, doubling up as wooden serving platters
  • Artisanal handcrafted boards
  • Customisation available
  • Strong and durable
  • Affordable prices

Shipping Policy for Our Food Hygiene Chopping Boards

Once orders are placed, your camphor cutting boards in Sydney will be delivered after a 1 or 2 days wait period post receipt or requested engraving through Australian post, E parcel.

Our food hygiene chopping boards and personalised chopping board can be delivered through standard Australia post, express post, economy airmail international or express international post.

Australian Standard Post

When it comes to Australian standard post, the process can be divided into shipping, handling and packaging. The packaging is completely safe and damage free, such that the camphor laurel chopping board remains completely well protected.

Besides, your shipping package will be dispatched within 2 day of receiving the payment receipt. The shipment is thereby delivered in 1 to 7 days post the dispatchment date. Product tracking and signature are available.

In this case, all shipping charges as well as product expenses will be in $AUD.

Express Post

Your wooden serving board can be shipped within the next business day of placing your order, on choosing an express post. You can add this to your order with an additional fee. The delivery time may however vary as per the region you select.

Economy Airmail International

Orana Timbers’ chopping boards in Sydney can be delivered internationally. Our services cover most countries worldwide through Airmail International. Deliveries through this will be made within 14-21 working days sans tracking and signature. In case your wooden serving platters made using camphor timber supplies aren’t delivered within the stipulated time, around 90 days will be required to lodge an inquiry.

Express International Post

Our Express Courier International also covers most countries globally. This quickens the speed of international deliveries to 4-8 working days and is also equipped with tracking and signature.

Your delivery charges will reflect in your shopping cart and shipping costs can be known after entering the address of your delivery destination.

If you are looking for economical and environmental cutting boards online, explore our range and order today.