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Wooden cutting boards are about the best that you can find. The idea that they are less hygienic than plastic versions is a fallacy, as a UC Davis study has shown.

Whereas bacteria sit on top of a plastic surface and may find their way into cuts and scratches, and thus may remain hidden and ready to infiltrate your food the next time the surface is in use, a wooden product tends to “suck” the bacteria down into its depths, where they die of dehydration. This is especially true if your board is well cared for.

“If a sharp knife is used to cut into the work surfaces after used plastic or wood has been contaminated with bacteria and cleaned manually, more bacteria are recovered from a used plastic surface than from a used wood surface.” – UC Davis Study

Although very subjective – wooden board have by far the best “feel” when sliced into.

Have been shown by multiple university studies to have a lower bacteria load than that of plastic – particularly as the plastic ages and receives more cut marks.

Most wooden examples are very attractive and lend an organic look to any décor.

Can be easily resurfaced – either with a sander or if no feet are attached they can be quickly ran through a wood planer with very sharp blades.