Orana is aboriginal word for welcome which is our motto.

We welcome everyone to our store.

Our team at Orana lives by this motto and incorporates this energy into every product we create.

Orana Philosophy

Gifting Australian nature to your kitchen enriching your dining experience.

We care about our customers and the environment and Sharing happiness.

Professional Craftsmanship

Our Orana chopping boards are created by master craftsman with their professional knowledge and understanding of expert woodworks. We are proud of the handmade products we create, and by purchasing our product, we hope that this positive energy enriches your dining experience.

With its natural anti-bacterial properties that comes with every board, you can be rest assured that all the dishes are served safely with hygiene factor carefully considered everytime.

Orana also contributes to local communities by:

  • Donating offcuts to local communities for firewood
  • Providing wooden shavings to chicken farm bedding
  • Offering mulch and sawdust to local households for their gardening

By purchasing our Orana Camphor Wooden Boards, you are supporting Australian environment sustainability as our products are 100% natural products used.