About Orana Timbers

‘Orana’ – Orana is an aboriginal word for welcome which is our motto.

“We welcome everyone to our store”.

Our team at Orana lives by this motto and incorporates this energy into every product we create.

Orana Philosophy


Gifting Australian nature to your kitchen enriching your dining experience.


We care about our customers and the environment.


Sharing happiness.

Orana timbers produces high quality Camphor Boards with pride, passion and unique and creative design.

Grown and Made in Australia from a single solid piece of Camphorwood.

Your cutting board is hand crafted in Australia from locally grown and processed Camphor Laurel Trees which grow in abundance in Northern NSW and Southern QLD.

Camphor is one of the most beautiful woods that we craft our boards from giving stunning light and dark brown contrasts and patterns along with an incredible clean and refreshing smell that is a signature of this wood. Wood is naturally antibacterial making it a great choice to serve food on.

Our camphor wood is taken straight from the trees in Australia where they are green cut into slabs, then naturally air dried for just over a year before we smooth them into workable timber slabs to craft cutting boards out of. A lot of work, machinery and hand working processes are involved to craft such a beautiful cheese board.


With iconic products and a global ambition, Orana Timbers is dedicated to enriching people’s lives and wellbeing in their kitchens.

An essential board for everyday use, our Anti-Bacterial Chopping Board is the perfect kitchen companion to help with preparing and serving meals hygienically.

This gorgeous high-end chopping board from Orana Timbers is the perfect addition to a modern kitchen that appreciates quality. The large surface area ensures that no matter what you’re carving for dinner, you’ve plenty of space for chopping and cutting without having to clear space.

Orana Timber’s  business is balanced through its broad portfolio of functional,
living products and geographical presence in Asia and Australia.

As a company, we are positioned for growth, aiming to outperform the market and create innovative
and beautiful designs that consumers value.

We are proud of the fact that our products are relied upon from professionals of craftsmanship stemming.



and hand-crafted





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